Welcome to the W6RAY Packet Radio BBS. This BBS is owned and operated by Ray Quinn W6RAY, located in Visalia, CA, for the Tulare County Amateur Radio Club, and for the amateur radio community at large. The TCARC web site will provide information regarding club meetings, repeater frequencies, etc. You may telnet to the BBS using the same address, but using a telnet client on port 6300. You can log into the BBS with a web browser here, but you MUST be a verifiable licensed radio amateur to do more than create an account. If this is abused, this access will be removed!

Another option to read messages on SJVBBS is using Outpost Packet Message Manager. There are documentation pages, how-to pages, and other support at the web site. You can use it via telnet as well as with a serial port and a terminal node controller (TNC), radio, antenna, etc. SJVBBS operates on 145.090 and 441.500 FM at 1200 bps. with radios and TNCs located at Park Ridge, elevation 7500' about 35 miles northeast of Visalia. At this time, the US 99 BBS is not accessible from the SJVBBS due to unavailable language filters to filter out improper words.

If you're looking for a different type of BBS, you can log into the US 99 BBS. The US 99 BBS offers several login options.

More content will be added as time permits.

A message to the hackers (not that you actually read this): This web page offers no login options, no PHP pages, or anything else. you are wasting your time and bandwidth. It is an informatinal page ONLY!>

73 de Ray W6RAY
Page updated 21:00 PDT 15 June 2019. W6RAY